Texas Classrooms: History and civics education – not dangerous political agendas.

May 23, 2021

Texas Classrooms: History and civics education – not dangerous political agendas.

America, the shining city upon a hill, is a republic built on the successes, breakthroughs, failures, and achievements that make up our rich and diverse history. Our country is a place where every individual has a chance to change the world–regardless of race, geography, faith, or privilege, the American dream is attainable.

The promise of America spans from our founding father’s ambitious plan for a republic–to the everyday contributions of Americans — the men and women who serve in law enforcement, the teachers inspiring the next generation with a love of learning, to caretakers and essential workers.

There is no disputing that America is a place of opportunity, and in this rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to inspire Texas students to realize their potential. Texas classrooms should encourage our next generation, not promote a fear-based, divisive curriculum that aims to create division.

All students, whether deemed at-risk or those in advanced-placement classes, whether in rural Texas or downtown Houston, have something to learn from American history without a political agenda, and that is why I pursued the Texas Responsible Civics Initiative.

Society is flooded with cable news, sound bytes on Twitter and TikTok, and divisive rhetoric — but Texas public schools must be a respite from controversy where the next generation of leaders are inspired. I want to thank Rep. Steve Toth and Sen. Bryan Hughes for their work on this legislation.

With HB 3979, Critical Race Theory, the disproved 1619 Project, and any Marxist curriculum pushed by the Biden Administration will be kept out of Texas classrooms. Texas teachers and Texas students deserve the best history and civics education, not a dangerous political agenda in the classroom.