87th Session – Week 9 Preview

March 8, 2021

87th Session – Week 9 Preview

This will be a very busy week in Austin. We hit a few major deadlines this week— first is the 60th day of the session —this is when we can constitutionally begin considering legislation. Also, Friday is the deadline to file bills. Below is a quick overview of my week, and check back to see the priority bills that I am filing.

Monday: Senate Finance Committee met this morning to discuss Article 9 of the budget. We also began ‘work groups’ where we were assigned to small groups on specific subjects as we negotiate the specifics of each article of the budget. I am co-chairing the Article 3 portion of the budget and will take the lead on higher education.

Senate State Affairs also held its first hearing today and heard several bills including election integrity, social media censorship, and religious freedom priorities. I will be co-authoring bills on each of these subjects.

Tuesday: The Senate convenes at 3:00 p.m., tune in here: Tuesday is also Golden Triangle Day. I look forward to connecting with the leadership from Beaumont, Port Arthur & Orange.

Wednesday: Senate Health and Human Services will hold their first hearing. If you want to watch the hearing, you can see it here:

Thursday: Committee hearings are beginning to gear up. On this day, the Senate Redistricting Committee will start a 3 day series of hearings on new legislative and congressional maps. Thursday night I am attending a dinner for the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute (TCCRI). TCCRI is an influential think tank for conservative priorities in the state.

Friday: Friday is the deadline to file bills in the Senate, so stay up to date to see my priority legislation. As always, please continue to voice your opinions by emailing me at [email protected]